Our Services

Reflexology and massage have been proven to deliver many benefits to the human body. These body benefits includes anti-aging, prolong the use of our good body, activate our organs, relieve our pains, energizes our body and many more other benefits.

At Ikigai Wellness, we understand you. We will apply an appropriate pressure so you enjoy your massage. You can even choose to have the massage at your convenient location and time

Our Body Wellness Services:

Foot Reflexology

Shoulder Massage

Back Massage

Acupressure Head Therapy

Aromatherapy Hand Reflexology

Hands, Neck, Shoulder and Back Massage

Pure Aroma Oil Body Massage (Outcall only)

Full Body Massage (Outcall only)

Infant and Kids Massage (Outcall only)

Power Naps (To rest your brain)

Massage at Corporate and Personal Events

Ikigai Wellness